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Quintina “Nichole” Debose is a singer and songwriter playing for ministries across the Wilmington, Cape Fear and Leland, North Carolina areas. Her ministry, Worship over Warfare uses the ministry of music to set people free. Worship over Warfare also hosts ministry and deliverance conferences.

Are you ready to take your prayer life to the next level? Do you feel like when you pray you are praying to a brick wall, because it seems as if God isn’t there? Are you ready to get your prayers answered the right way? Are you tired of the enemy holding your stuff? Well, if you answered yes to any of those questions you are in for a treat. In this book you will receive instructions on how to get your prayers answered and get God’s attention. Nichole went through a season of her life to where she would pray and the Holy Spirit taught her how to get prayers answered the right way. There were some things she had to go through and be delivered from in order for God to hear her. She also experienced who God really was and drew a close relationship with him as she learned how to pray the right way. This book will teach you keys to answered prayers, and how to experience a close relationship with God on a whole new level.